Love & Southern D!scomfort was written by Monica L. Patton (book) and Bobby Daye (music).


Backstory: LASD is about a wealthy and highly dysfunctional old-money family from the deep south. The family’s original patriarch was a freed slave who was given 40 acres of land. He managed to increase his holdings to 100 acres which was then passed down through the generations.


Our story begins when the family’s current matriarch, Mrs. Catherine Dejoie, dowager of polite Louisiana society, dies. She left the entire estate to her estranged granddaughter Milla – but only if Milla comes home from her self-imposed 10 year exile to bury Catherine. Milla reluctantly leaves her life in Paris and returns to her ancestral home, a sprawling postbellum Southern mansion, and to her mother, a faded alcoholic debutante undone by the burden of bearing the family’s legacy.​ With the help of Louisa, the family’s cherished maid, the women begin to repair their relationship but their reconciliation grinds to a halt when a long-held secret erupts during the funeral that sends the family spinning out of control. (Louisa is played by Felicia P. Fields – 2006 Tony Award Nominee from The Color Purple.)

Our first full staging was in Charleston, South Carolina at the Charleston Music Hall in January (two shows).

Maura Hogan, theater critic from the Charleston Post and Courier, wrote “[Bobby] Daye’s marvelous score… and singers delivered time and again with soul, strength and skill”.

Our next presentation was to be six shows at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee in May. However, due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, we made the decision to cancel the production.

PDSP's intent from the start has been to refine the show in regional productions before taking LASD to New York. To that end, we are now in the process of organizing a showcase/backers' audition in New York City for the fall of 2020. We are looking to bring on a co-lead producer as well as investors. If you would like to learn more about possibly joining the LASD family, please contact Adam Slater at adam@pdsproductions.net.


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