Beautiful and accomplished Milla Dejoie receives a phone call in the middle of the night from her estranged mother, Wilhelmina. Her grandmother, Mrs. Catherine Dejoie, dowager of polite Southern society, is dead, along with Milla’s inheritance - unless she comes home to bury Catherine.


Milla reluctantly leaves her life abroad and returns to her ancestral home, Beaumont - a sprawling postbellum mansion, and to her mother, a faded alcoholic debutante laid low by the burden of bearing the family’s legacy.


With the help of Louisa, the family’s cherished maid, the women begin to repair their relationship, but their reconciliation grinds to a halt when a long-held secret erupts that sends the family spinning out of control.


Soulful gospel, sultry R&B, and finger-snapping pop help Love & Southern D!scomfort weaves a musical tale of a prodigal daughter’s tumultuous reunion with her past as she concedes to the dying wishes of the family’s matriarch.


And you thought YOUR family was dysfunctional!

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